Privacy Policy

We take our clients' and potential clients' privacy seriously and have developed protocols on how to collect, store and share their data. First and foremost we do not now nor will we ever sell any of this data to third-party companies.

How we collect your information

We, in the process of preparing quotes and or servicing/selling insurance policies, need to gather and store clients' and potential clients' non-public information. We obtain this from applications, census forms, tax documents, emails and other forms submitted in order to receive quotes or purchase a policy.

What information of yours may be collected and/or stored

Information from applications or the other items mentioned in the "How we collect your information" section, including but not limited to you, your employees and their dependents (if applicable): address, social security number, coverage information, premium information, income and date of birth. We also store information about your phone calls, emails and other dealings with our offices.

How we store your information

We store information in local databases. These databases are encrypted, password protected and only accessible to a limited number of employees on a limited number of machines that are also password protected. Like many other companies Strauss Insurance also uses a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to help effectively and efficiently provide customer service to our clients. We use a web-based CRM provider to allow authorized employees within our company to access the stored data. Below are just a few of the security protocols in place to help keep your information safe:

  • Limiting access to only employees who need to access the data to perform their job functions
  • Only a limited number of designated devices have access to the CRM
  • All machines with access to CRM must be password protected
  • Employees are explicitly forbidden from accessing the CRM from non-company hardware including home computers and mobile devices
  • Minimum password standards
  • All employees are asked to log-off, as opposed to simply closing the browser, every time they finish using the CRM

To whom we may disclose your information

We may disclose any of the information we collect and/or store, as described above, to third parties, including but not limited to: insurance companies, insurance general agency partners, third party service providers, such as COBRA or HRA administrators, in order to provide customer service, quotes, assist in completing applications and any other services we deem necessary or helpful in the day to day operations of running our insurance agency. We may also disclose any of the information we collect and/or store, as described above, to non-affiliated third parties as permitted by law.

How to request your information to be removed from our storage systems

Even with security parameters in place some people would rather not have their information stored by us due to privacy and or security concerns. We want to make you and your employees, if applicable, aware of how your personal information is stored and accessed and give you the chance to opt out. If either you or any of your employees choose to opt out your information will be permanently removed from our storage systems.

Employers: We ask that you inform your employees of our information collection and storage protocols and of their option to opt out of our storage system. If any employees would like to have their information removed please follow the instructions below but also include a list of the names of the employees that would like to be removed and we will remove them from our storage systems promptly. Employees and their dependents could also independently request to opt out themselves without the knowledge or assistance of their employers.

To opt out and have your information removed from our storage system you can do any of the following:

  • Send us an email, include your name and, if applicable, the company you work for and the words "Opt Out of Storage" in either the subject or the body fo the email
  • Call us at 570-386-4574 ext. 0 tell the agent/receptionist your name, if applicable, the company you work for and ask to "Opt Out of Storage"
  • Fax us at 800-218-9890 and place your name, if applicable, your employer name and the the words "Opt Out of Storage" on the faxed page (or cover letter)
  • Mail us a letter with your name, if applicable, the company you work for and the words "Opt Out of Storage"

Once we receive your request your information will be promptly removed from our storage system.