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You can spend hours on-line looking at the health insurance marketplace only to be left confused and frustrated. You want to make sure that you get the right individual health insurance coverage for the best price possible. Let us help!

A big advantage of calling Strauss Insurance, your local Northeastern and Central PA health insurance brokers, versus purchasing your Obamacare plan on the web is the after-the-sale service. The online Marketplace Health insurance plans can be tricky and mistakes happen... often! Though some websites post an "800" number for ACA customer service they often skimp on the service and concentrate most of their efforts on sales. On the other hand if you buy an ACA Obamacare individual health insurance policy through Strauss Insurance, a local business, you will get plenty of help and support when you need it most, after you purchase your insurance policy..

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Would you like an instant on-line quote on your Affordable Care Act Individual Health Insurance? No problem! Click the button below to get started. You can get rates, subsidy info,view plans fromlocal Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania carriers like Blue Cross, Geisinger, Aetna, etc. and even enroll online, 24/7.

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