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Health Reimbursement Arrangements – Thoroughly Explained

FAMILIAR Scenario Here’s a common scenario that most small business owners have experienced. Your health insurance renewal arrives in the mail. You set it aside for a week or so, as you really don’t want to open it. One day you muster up the courage to finally review the dreaded […]

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Emergency Room Visits and Out of Network Doctors

Scenario Imagine that you have some type of medical emergency. It could be chest pain or catching a foul ball in the eye. So long as it is serious enough to require a trip to the emergency room (ER). As a responsible policyholder, you go to a hospital that accepts […]

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Employee Handbook Generator Now Available

Background A comprehensive employee handbook can be an employer’s best friend. By defining key company policies, such as the new hire waiting period, paid time off and more, it provides employees with a clear understanding of company standards and expectations. A well written handbook also outlines company protocols during important […]

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5 Mandated Employee Notifications You may be Missing

Background As a small business owner, you’re probably aware that you must provide employees with certain notifications. For example, if a worker loses their job, then you must send them a COBRA offer letter. However, there are more of these required notifications than you may realize. And the penalties for being […]

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Reference Based Pricing – What Employers Need to Know

Background on Reference Based Pricing Health insurance premiums have been steadily increasing for the past decade. So it’s no surprise that employers have been searching for less expensive ways to cover their workers. And recently, a promising new insurance model called Reference Based Pricing has been gaining popularity. So how […]

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The New Hire Waiting Period – Thoroughly Explained

So you’ve hired a new employee. And one of their first questions is, “When will I be eligible to go on your benefits?”. You think to yourself, is it 90 days? Is the dental waiting period different than the medical? And you remember that the last time you added a new […]

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Will the HSA Save the Day?

Many politicians have touted HSAs as a fix to our healthcare crisis. In fact, HSA expansion is a key part of the American Health Care Act, the legislation slated to replace Obamacare. But what are HSAs and how can they be used to fix America’s healthcare problems? Let’s take a deeper […]

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how to fire an employee

How to Fire an Employee the Right Way

In his reality show, President Trump would terminate employees with two simple words, “You’re Fired”. In the real world, it’s not quite that easy. Whether you are terminating a worker for bad behaviour or handing out pink slips due to budget cuts, the process can be painful. So let’s dig a bit deeper […]

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Trumpare Will Fail

Why Obamacare Failed… and Trumpcare will too!

Should’ve Called it the Accessible Care Act You would think, with a name like the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the law would be sharply focused on reducing healthcare costs. And yet in the original 2,000 plus page bill, it is sparsely mentioned. Instead the legislation aims its attention at accessibility to health […]

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Trumpcare Sign

Trumpcare – An Early Look

Get my crystal ball We begin our Trumpcare series with a look at some of its key features. And while nothing is written in stone, there are two leading proposals, the Patient Care Act from Senator Orrin Hatch and A Better Way by House Speaker Paul Ryan. Their plans share some […]

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