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Category: Human Resources

Employee Handbook Generator Now Available

Background A comprehensive employee handbook can be an employer’s best friend. By defining key company policies, such as the new hire waiting period, paid time off and more, it provides employees with a clear understanding of company standards and expectations. A well written handbook also outlines company protocols during important […]

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5 Mandated Employee Notifications You may be Missing

Background As a small business owner, you’re probably aware that you must provide employees with certain notifications. For example, if a worker loses their job, then you must send them a COBRA offer letter. However, there are more of these required notifications than you may realize. And the penalties for being […]

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The New Hire Waiting Period – Thoroughly Explained

So you’ve hired a new employee. And one of their first questions is, “When will I be eligible to go on your benefits?”. You think to yourself, is it 90 days? Is the dental waiting period different than the medical? And you remember that the last time you added a new […]

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how to fire an employee

How to Fire an Employee the Right Way

In his reality show, President Trump would terminate employees with two simple words, “You’re Fired”. In the real world, it’s not quite that easy. Whether you are terminating a worker for bad behaviour or handing out pink slips due to budget cuts, the process can be painful. So let’s dig a bit deeper […]

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Common but Costly Compliance Mistakes

3 Common but Costly Compliance Mistakes

When the compliance police come knocking According to a recent interview with a leading Pennsylvania payroll company, there was a 300% increase in small business compliance audits in 2016. And the trend is likely to continue this year. While there are plenty of regulations to consider, we wanted to focus on […]

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Hire Better Employees

Hire Better Employees with these 3 Tech Savvy Tips

#1 Challenge for Small Businesses Let’s face it, hiring new employees is both time consuming and expensive. A recent article from Inc.com listed it as the number one challenge facing small businesses today. While hiring itself is important, it’s even more crucial that you hire the right people. Otherwise you’ll be looking for their replacements before you […]

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Does your business have an employee handbook?

Uniform policy, sick days, benefit options… all in one place! An employee asks “how many vacation days do I have left?”. This seemingly harmless questions will cause many small business owners anxiety. The nervous employer may wonder: How many vacation days do we give employees? Does the amount increase after […]

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Is Your Employee Benefits Broker Benefiting You?

Many non-business owners look at larger employers with a jealous eye. They see the power, assets and the social status of these entrepreneurs and would like to have such things for themselves. What they don’t see are the headaches, long hours, responsibilities and pressure that such a person is subject […]

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Pennsylvania Mini COBRA - Snake

Pennsylvania Mini COBRA for Small Employers

Are You Compliant with PENNSYLVANIA mini COBRA? The Pennsylvania Mini COBRA laws have been on the books for a few years now. Yet many small employers in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania are either not aware or simply ignoring the new requirements. Below is a short guide to the relatively new law that […]

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ACA Employer Penalties

The Affordable Care Act has been around for a while and by now most people are well aware of the potential tax penalty individuals may have to pay if they do not carry ACA qualified health insurance . However the ACA legislation also levied tax penalties at businesses both small […]

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