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Category: Small Business Tips

Qualify for Group Health Insurance in PA

Does Your Company Qualify for Group Health Insurance?

Interest in Group Health Plans is on the Rise There are some major advantages to group health insurance versus an individual policy. First, group plans are now far less expensive than individual coverage, at least in Pennsylvania. Check out this example quote comparison report to see for yourself! Next, a company health plan can […]

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lightbulb - stand out among crowd

5 Easy Tips to Help Your Benefits Stand Out!

Why do you offer benefits? New recruits and current employees alike often compare health insurance packages when deciding on a new job. Therefore small businesses that offer the right coverages are more likely to attract and retain high quality employees. So we wanted to share a few tips that will help make your benefits package […]

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Health Insurance for Small Businesses

Small is a relative term. Working with “Small” businesses for over a decade now it is clear that though their number of employees may be small their health insurance bills can be awfully big! Sometimes the numbers can be staggering, employers paying well over $500 a month for an employee […]

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Did Obamacare make insurance cheaper?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a divisive piece of legislation since it was passed into law back in March of 2010. Now over five years later we thought we would take an objective look at the law to see if it accomplished its number one goal. Namely to […]

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