Employee Benefits & more!

Core Services

Plan & Price Analysis

Easy to read apples to apples comparison of all plans, including individual options

Plan Administration

Assistance when adding/deleting/changing employees including hire date and effective date check

Compliance Services

Employee handbook assistance with template, HRA Administration, plan compliance checks-ups

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Other Services

HR Assistance

Comprehensive free Human Resource services for our business clients

COBRA Adminstration

Free COBRA and mini-COBRA administration for our clients

Section 125 Set-up

Deduct employees' insurance cost pre-tax and reduce FICA taxes.

Claims Advocacy

We can help solve claim issues for employees from simple to complex

HRA Set-up / Admin.

Reimburse employees for medical expenses such as deductibles

After Sale Support

With our first class support services your questions will always be answered

The Process We Follow

Objective and Independent

We have always remained fiercely independent of health insurance carriers. To be as objective as possible we decided in the beginning to avoid becoming too close to any one insurance company. This has allowed us to always have the best interest of the client in mind without being influenced or pushed to sell one product or another.

Our proprietary health insurance quote comparison system builds upon these ideas of objectivity by using an apples to apples format that places plans from all local central Pennsylvania health insurance companies, such as Blue Cross, Geisinger, Aetna and more, side by side. The layout of the comparison sheet was designed for ease of use and transparency so that it would be easy for anyone who read it to view and understand.

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Painless Application Process

application insurance agent

One of the most time consuming and frustrating parts of the shopping for a new health insurance companies can be the application process itself. Employees and the employer must often fill out long applications, submit business related tax documentation and secure any other necessary documents that the underwriter may request.

For Strauss Insurance health insurance clients the process is not nearly as daunting. We can pre-fill you and your employees information on the applications through our proprietary database application. We have also created extremely useful checklists customized to each health insurance company which helps prevent the time consuming back and forth requests that can happen if there are items missing from the original submission of information to the health insurance company.

Industry Leading Support

After the sale is where we really shine! Health insurance can be confusing and chances are you are going to use your health coverage more often than other insurance types such as auto or life insurance (you only get to use that once).

We help clients resolve claims issues, answer "what-if" questions about future services, find in network providers and much more. No question is too simple or too complex. Our employee benefits clients will often advise their employees to call us directly with their health insurance questions as opposed to calling the insurance company itself or asking the employer. We make it a priority to service our clients to the best of our ability and to go above and beyond every time to make sure you are getting the most out of your health insurance coverage.

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  • Quotes in Less than 24 Hours
  • Easy to Read/Understand Format
  • Minimal Information Needed
  • Shareable PDF Format
  • All Local Carriers Displayed
  • Individual and Group Plans Included
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  • Dental, Vision, Life, Disability
  • Over 10 Carriers
  • Multi-Line Discounts Available
  • Voluntary Option
  • Low cost disount plans available
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