Group Health Insurance | Fast Quote

Most employers in Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania review their health insurance prices and plan only once a year. This makes sense as the health insurance companies typically guarantee the rates for twelve months. However since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 prices and plans are changing more rapidly, sometimes creating opportunities to save money, get a better plan or both .

Being aware of the Pennsylvania health insurance marketplace can be critical to your small business's success. To be competitive you are constantly searching for more cost effective ways to run your business. For many small businesses, health insurance costs rank amongst the largest expenditures. Therefore if an opportunity arose to reduce your health insurance premium by 10-20% without reducing the core benefits you would want to be aware of it.

However the traditional process of obtaining and reviewing quotes can be quite time consuming. So much so in fact that you are probably happy that it only happen once a year. That is where Strauss Insurance's Fast Quote system can help!

Our Fast Quote System:

  • Provides rate and plan info in less than 24 hours
  • Has a logical and easy to understand layout
  • Makes apples to apples comparisons of carriers and plans a snap
  • Is created in a PDF format for easy viewing and sharing