Ancillary Products

The ancillary lines of insurance coverage, such as dental insurance, are often overlooked by employers but they can be used to enhance your employee benefits package. A cost effective dental insurance, group life insurance or vision insurance program allows smaller employers to offer their employees similar benefits as compared to larger employers. This can put your small business on a more equal footing when competing for the best and most sought after workers.

Many small business owners argue that they don't want to add anymore cost to their already expensive employee benefits offering. Therefore dental insurance and other ancillary products are often never considered. However because many of these products can be offered on a "voluntary" basis, there is no extra cost to the employer. Also if they elected benefits are paid for on a pre-tax basis the employer might actually realize savings on their FICA taxes. The employees may also save tax dollars as well.

Not only can a voluntary ancillary product offering save employers money it can also help them retain employees. Many studies have shown that when an employee is looking for a new job that one of the first things they look at is the insurance package offered by the new employer. It has been shown that the more benefits (i.e. Medical, Rx, Dental, Vision, Life, etc.) that the employee has through their current employer the less likely they are to view changing insurance as a favorable situation. Offering a fuller insurance package can help you retain your current employees and attract new ones.

If you are not currently offering dental, vision, life or disability insurance to your employees consider letting Strauss Insurance show you how simple and easy it can be to add theses valuable benefits to your current insurance offering. We make setting up and administering the plan a snap and offer ongoing customer service if you or your employees have any questions about enrollment, claims or other issues that may arise.