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Life Insurance

Most people would not even consider driving a car without auto insurance but yet no one seems to mind "living" without life insurance! It sounds kind of silly. After all you don't need life insurance to live. We have heard many clients say things like; "Life Insurance is only good if I die and then I won't be able to use it." This is mostly true. Unless your life insurance policy has cash value or has a return of premium rider, as long as you are alive, it will never pay out any money.

To use an old phrase "Life Insurance is for the living!" After you pass your loved ones might face a financial burdens that they are unable to overcome. The funeral cost alone can be thousands of dollars. However the real devastating issue is the loss of your income. No longer will you be bringing home your paycheck to help pay for the household bills. The mortgage or rent, the car payment, groceries and many other bills can become a struggle each month for the loved ones you left behind

Now that we have scared you... here is the good news. Life insurance is available! It is relatively inexpensive. Better yet, some carriers offer you a discount on your car, home or renters insurance coverages when you add a life policy. The application process is faster and easier than you might think.

One last important thing to consider. Where should you buy your life insurance. We are a bit biased but how about the Strauss Insurance? We have been selling and servicing life insurance for over 25 years. We can answer any question that you might have quickly and correctly. Stop in any of our offices today for a quote or if you want to get a quote even faster, click on the "Life Insurance Quote" button below. We usually have your rates ready in about a day.

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