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The Insurance Broker Advantage

Dealing with insurance coverage these days seems to require a certificate in insurance studies. Everything from the language and special terms to the cost and complexity can intimidate and frustrate even your most savvy consumers. To make things worse new lines of insurance are becoming available every year. You can now by Pet insurance, identity theft insurance, data protection insurance and a whole assortment of others. So what is a small business or individual to do?

Insurance brokers to the rescue! Trained and experienced in the insurance vernacular and on the cutting edge of insurance industry news these gentlemen and ladies are the perfect solution to your daunting problem. But wait… when you check the phone book or Google “insurance broker” you will find there are more than a few companies that offer these services. So how do you choose the right broker for you?

First make sure that your insurance person is a BROKER and not an AGENT. Typically an agent deals with only one carrier. They can’t really give you perspective on the options available because they only have information on the products and services that their company offers. Next make sure the company has been doing business in your area for at least a few years. The insurance industry is notorious for fly by night operations that are here today and gone tomorrow. You want your insurance broker to be around when you have questions or claims. Finally ask your friends or local businesses that currently use this broker how their service is. After all every broker can get you rates but few actually offer the kind of customer service you would expect after the sale.

Hopefully these tips will be useful to you the next time you are getting prices for your car insurance or when you are shopping for group health insurance benefits for your company. Be sure to keep Strauss Insurance in mind! We will not only get you the best rates but we offer a level of customer service far beyond that of our competitors.

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