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Is Your Employee Benefits Broker Benefiting You?

Many non-business owners look at larger employers with a jealous eye. They see the power, assets and the social status of these entrepreneurs and would like to have such things for themselves. What they don’t see are the headaches, long hours, responsibilities and pressure that such a person is subject to. Having worked with medium to large sized businesses over the past decade we have come to realize that price is not always the deciding factor when choosing an employee benefits plan for such employers. Rather customer service, automation and simplification are the elements that are more sought after.

Although many large companies have a full time Human Resources Manager (possibly even a whole department dedicated to it) the majority of medium sized businesses do not. It can be cost prohibitive to hire someone on a full time basis to handle such responsibilities. This is where a health insurance broker can help. By outsourcing HR tasks such as; COBRA administration, adding and deleting employees from the health plan, answering employee questions about their coverage, administering reimbursement arrangements, etc. to their health insurance agent. This allows the employer to handle in large part with a Human Resource manager would do without any cost!

Not all insurance professionals are created equally. Some offer only a few HR type services but tend to get you better prices while others offer the full portfolio of HR services but lack the skills to get you the best plans and prices available. The old trend was that employers were price first and services later. However that has sharply changed with the passing of the new health care reform laws. Larger employers now seem to place more significance on knowledge and services rather than price.

At Strauss Insurance we say you should have both! We offer a comprehensive list of Free HR services combined with the skill and creativity that comes with ten years of quoting experience. So have your cake and eat it too. If you are interested in getting a quote right away please click the “Group Health Insurance Quote” link at the bottom of the page. We hope to see you at your next renewal.


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