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Hire Better Employees with these 3 Tech Savvy Tips

Hire Better Employees
#1 Challenge for Small Businesses

Let’s face it, hiring new employees is both time consuming and expensive. A recent article from Inc.com listed it as the number one challenge facing small businesses today. While hiring itself is important, it’s even more crucial that you hire the right people. Otherwise you’ll be looking for their replacements before you know it. So we came up with a few tech savvy tips to help small businesses hire better employees, with a little help from the web!

The internet, of courSe

The internet has changed the hiring game. Just a few clicks and your job listing is being viewed by thousands of applicants, well that’s the idea anyway. But in reality the process can be quite overwhelming. Should you post to a local job board, list the position on social media or maybe Craig’s List? Due to all of the choices it’s hard to know where to start, or stop for that matter. We’ve listed several time tested, locally proven hiring methods below to get you started.

Not all hiring websites are the same

Our first stop is job posting websites. Names like Monster.com and Craig’s List immediately come to mind. However they may not be your best options. In our experience Indeed.com is the perfect website to find and hire new talent. It has a couple of great features:

  • First, you can search real local resumes, absolutely free.
    • No joke, actual local job seekers.
  • Next, you can post a job, again without paying a cent.
  • Finally, they have excellent email and organizational tools to help you compare and communicate with candidates.

This is totally our opinion though and this may not be the best site for your company. To take a closer look at all the great job listing sites check out this article.

Become a Social Stalker, sort of…

So let’s imagine you found some decent candidates. It’s pretty safe to assume that these recruits are on Facebook, Twitter or maybe LinkedIn. And while their resumes likely say all the right things, you’ll find that their social media profiles may disagree. You see where we’re going here, right? As creepy as it may seem, you need to scour the major social websites for these candidates. Think of it this way, while it may be a little uncomfortable now, you might be saving yourself some major headaches down the road! And don’t feel too bad. This is now a common practice among employers, since it’s proven to help them hire better employees.

Speaking of Facebook

Have you ever tried Facebook ads? They’re a great tool to get your product or service in front of Facebook’s huge audience. Plus they’re surprisingly inexpensive. So why not harness the power of Facebook ads to promote your job to potential recruits? As you know, just about everyone is on Facebook. But the secret sauce of their ads is that you can easily target the people you want to reach. You can select users by location, interests, demographics and more. While these tools are great for ads, they can work just as well for job postings. For example if you are looking for a mechanic; you could target people interested in cars, that live within 10 miles of your company, that are currently unemployed. Even if your target audience is not interested, they could still share the job posting with a friend who is looking for a new career.

old school but still cool

Don’t depend 100% on technology! Plenty of the so called “classic” hiring rules are still quite relevant today. Here are a few low tech best practices to help you hire better employees:

  • Call the prior employers listed on the resume. While it seems like common sense, you would be surprised how often employers overlook this step.
  • Determine if both you, and your employees, will enjoy working with this person. In other words, do they fit your company’s culture?
  • Look for negative trends from their past. A good question to ask is: “Why did you leave your last job?”. If they blame someone else push on and see if they continue to play the blame game. This behavior should raise a red flag.
  • Make sure they’re covered under their spouse’s health insurance… just kidding on that one!
In Conclusion

Okay, so now you have the goods and you’re ready to post that new job. But wait, there’s one more thing we didn’t talk about. Hiring the right employees is a two way street. So be sure to put your company’s best foot forward. You can do this by: preparing for the interview, writing a good job description and highlighting your employee perks. Also check out these great interview tips from theBalance.com. Good luck and happy hiring!


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