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Does your business have an employee handbook?

Uniform policy, sick days, benefit options… all in one place!

An employee asks “how many vacation days do I have left?”. This seemingly harmless questions will cause many small business owners anxiety. The nervous employer may wonder: How many vacation days do we give employees? Does the amount increase after a certain number of years? Wasn’t this employee just on vacation?!? A well thought out employee handbook could easily answer these questions and many more. For example:

  • What is our company’s uniform policy?
  • How many sick days do employees get?
  • How long and what time is the lunch break?
  • When are employee evaluations done?
  • Is there an annual pay raise?

Despite their usefulness many employers do not have an employee handbook. Small business owners are quite busy running their companies and many of them are under the impression that it would take days, maybe even weeks, to create an employee handbook. However that is simply not the case! You could make your own customized employee handbook in much less time… but you’re going to need some help.

Creating an employee handbook from scratch can be difficult and time consuming. If only there were a way to automate the process… enter the Internet! We have scoured the web and found not one, not two but four extremely helpful employee handbook templates. What is a template? A template is sample document that already has key information in place so that you can rapidly customize it to your specifications. Why did we choose four and not just one? Every business is different and we wanted to provide you with several options so that you can choose the one that best fits your company’s needs.

Below are the links, in no particular order, to the employee handbook templates we thought were the cream of the crop. We have included a brief description of each to help you choose. Most of them are editable Word Documents but we also included a fillable PDF for those of us without Microsoft Office. We recommend looking at a few of them before choosing.

Please keep in mind that a good employee handbook will demonstrate clear guidelines and expectations to your employees and may even come to your defense in a court of law. However this is only true if you habitually follow the rules and guidelines set forth inside it. Resist the temptation to insert paragraphs that look or sound good but would create regulations that are difficult to enforce or follow. Good luck in creating your new employee handbook!

Please note that the employee handbook templates above are examples and samples and intended to be just that. Employers should have their handbook reviewed by a legal representative, accountant and or an insurance adviser to make sure it is in compliance local and federal laws. Also the links themselves are reliable to the best of our knowledge as we have opened them many times. However be cautious and proceed at your own risk… this is the Internet after all. Any info contained in the links is the sole responsibility of the website that created it and Strauss Insurance makes no claim or guarantees of their accuracy or safety.

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